Alabama's McElroy 'going back to Cali'

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. -- Going back to California carries special memories for Alabama quarterback Greg McElroy, who moved from Los Angeles to Texas when he was 10.

His father, Greg McElroy Sr., used to work for the Los Angeles Dodgers and is now the senior vice president of sales and marketing for the Dallas Cowboys.

“I still love L.A. and we go back on vacation,” McElroy said. “Laguna Beach is our family’s favorite vacation spot. We still spend a lot of time out there on the West Coast.”

One place McElroy has never been in California is the Rose Bowl. He and his family used to attend several USC games at the Los Angeles Coliseum, but the Citi BCS National Championship Game will be the first time he’s been inside the Rose Bowl.

“When I lived in California, I was a Stanford fan, believe it or not,” McElroy said. “I was a brainiac and would always say, ‘I want to go to Stanford.’ Of course, all the parents were very impressed by that, a 9-year-old saying he wanted to go be a doctor at Stanford.”