BCS National Championship picks

Well, well, well. They tried to say the youngster couldn't do it. They tried to tell him that back-to-back championships were only for those wrapped in crimson and white.

They were wrong.

After watching Missouri take it to old Big 12 rival Oklahoma State 41-31 in the AT&T Cotton Bowl on Friday, I captured my second straight picks title by taking an insurmountable two-game lead over Chris heading into tonight's VIZIO BCS National Championship Game between Auburn and Florida State.

My championship record currently stands at 102-21 (.829), while Chris is 100-23 (.813). Outside of tonight's game, I went 5-4 during bowl season, missing on Mississippi State, LSU, Georgia, and Alabama. Chris went a respectable 6-3 to make things interesting, but missed on Georgia, Alabama and Missouri.

I tried to tell the vet not to sleep on the Tigers, which he did quite a bit this season.

It has to be tough for Chris to watch the new guy, who is still referred to as "Hey, Rookie" by esteemed colleague Mark Schlabach, to come into his house and take what's his. I didn't dominate like I did in 2012, but I proved that even when the times got tough and adversity hit, I could still figure out a way to win.

I'd like to say I'm the Alabama of the picks, but hopefully my three-peat happens next year.

I'd like to thank Chris for battling back like he did and keeping it interesting. I was a little worried about where his head would be after the thrashing I gave him last season. I'd also like to thank my cat Meeko, who worked tirelessly with early-morning wake ups to keep me fresh and on my toes. I really wouldn't be here without that fur ball.

Finally, I'd like to thank all you readers for pushing me through the tough weeks and motivating me every step of the way. Never forget #thingsAschoffsays.

I can't wait to see what next season has in store for us.

Let's check out our final pick of the season:


Auburn vs. Florida State

Chris Low: Florida State’s talent on both offense and defense jumps off the game tape at you, but I also don’t think the Seminoles have been tested the way Auburn has this season. They’re used to cruising in the second half, and the Tigers are too good on offense to be out of the game by the midway point of the third quarter. Make no mistake. Auburn will have to play much more consistently on defense and can’t turn it over the way the Tigers did in the first half of the SEC championship game. But Auburn’s offensive line will be the best Florida State has seen this season, and there’s something to be said for the way the Tigers have found ways to win games. They’ll find a way to win one more, meaning the SEC’s national championship streak will live on. … Auburn 38, Florida State 34

Edward Aschoff: I'd be lying if I said I came to this pick weeks ago. I'd be lying even more if I said it was something I was still sure about, but a pick must be made. I kept going back and forth about Auburn's elite rushing offense against Florida State's elite defense. Jameis Winston has the advantage over Auburn's pass defense, but the Tigers' defensive line has made strides all season, especially in the final month of the season. So the ACC over the SEC? I mean, look at how much the ACC struggled during the bowl season. Were the Seminoles' opponents really that good this season? At the end of the day, who messes with mojo? Gus Malzahn has had a month to add to his offense and Nick Marshall will find a way to make a few plays through the air. Expect Winston to make a couple of mistakes late to help Auburn's run game grind out a win. ... Auburn 34, Florida State 31