Monday chat wrap

We had another good chat today, so here's the wrap if you missed out. Here's a quick preview of things if you were too busy searching for all of Richard Sherman's awesome rants on YouTube and couldn't make the chat:

Jim (Memphis)

What early draft entrant is making you scratch your head and wonder what they are thinking?

Edward Aschoff

It has to be Vinnie Sunseri. I just don't think the Alabama safety is ready for the next level. He suffered that season-ending knee injury and I think still needs a lot of help when it comes to coverage. That's the weakest part of his game, in my opinion. I'm not sure who advised him to go to the NFL, but I was really surprised by it. I think he still has a lot of room to improve and could help a secondary missing a lot next year.

Boyd (Chicago)

Thoughts on Derek Mason's introduction? Seeing a bump in the recruiting class?

Edward Aschoff

I think he's a quality hire for the Commodores. He certainly has the credibility that Vanderbilt was looking for in its hire and should definitely bring a spark back to recruiting for this program. Will he get everyone back in this class? No, because he wants guys who are invested in the program, not James Franklin. He's making sure that people know that this is his program now. I think he's an excellent hire.

Dan (Dallas, TX)

What two teams from the SEC do you see in the playoff next year?

Edward Aschoff

That's a tough one since it's so early and I don't think the SEC will have two teams in the playoff next year. I think there are way too many questions in the SEC for that to happen. Is there a dominant team in the conference right now? No. I think Auburn is the favorite because of the talent coming back, but I don't see the Tigers going undefeated. I don't see anyone in the SEC going undefeated. I'd be shocked if the SEC champ didn't have two losses. I think Georgia is the slight favorite over Mizzou in the East right now, but it wouldn't shock me to see South Carolina or Florida take that division. Florida could make a big turnaround in 2014 if that offense gets going.

Kyle (Toronto)

Should Gator fans be seriously concerned with Muschamp's ability to recruit offensive talent? After recently losing Cook and Lane, Florida's class looks weak in terms of play-makers.

Edward Aschoff

I think losing [Dalvin] Cook and [Ermon] Lane were big, but it looks like Florida is making a charge at some solid offensive guys. Getting Brandon Powell to switch from Miami and enroll early was big. He can be a RB and slot guy and a return guy for the Gators. Will Grier at QB is big and he'll learn a lot in his first year. But Florida has to get another big WR, in my opinion. The good news is that there is good depth at WR from last year's class, but those guys have to take major steps going forward.