Chris Conley's 'Star Wars' trailer debuts

Everyone patiently waiting to see a glimpse of Georgia wide receiver Chris Conley's long-awaited "Star Wars" movie must have been in an absolute tizzy on Monday, as the trailer for his film debuted on Twitter.

Thanks to coach Mark Richt and his very active Twitter account, you can view the trailer for "Retribution" RIGHT HERE!

It's a movie that Conley, who grew up making comic books with his brother and filling his mind with amazing sci-fi fun, has worked on during the last few months, while juggling class and football. Oh yeah, he was pretty impressive on the football field this spring, too.

And this movie looks pretty cool. It has pretty sweet graphics, lightsabers, and it's "Star Wars!" As a certified sci-fi nerd who spent many a Saturday morning watching old Godzilla movies and plenty of week nights checking out "Star Trek: The Next Generation" I'm pretty excited about this short film. Yes, I mixed "Star Trek" with "Star Wars" as a child, and I was proud of it!

Conley plans to release the film in the coming months and will be premiering it in Athens, Ga. When I spoke to him earlier this month, Conley said he was hoping to premier it inside Sanford Stadium. Should be fun.