Mississippi State acknowledges strip club visit

Mississippi State athletic director Greg Byrne acknowledged Thursday in his weekly e-mail to fans that some recruits and current players last weekend did indeed visit an establishment deemed impermissible by the university's rules and regulations.

In other words, they visited a strip club.

Byrne said Mississippi State has concluded its internal review and determined that the incident will not affect the eligibility or future eligibility of those involved. Mississippi State officials are still trying to determine if any NCAA rules were violated. If there's anything there, it would likely be secondary in nature.

This whole thing flared up after some recruits posted on their Facebook pages that they went to an adult establishment (The Pony) while making recruiting visits to Mississippi State last weekend.

Byrne wrote in his e-mail: "Coach (Dan) Mullen and I are disappointed in the poor decisions made by a small number of our student-athletes. We educate our young people repeatedly on the roles they play in representing their teams, the athletic department, the university and the entire state of Mississippi. They know better."