Norwood, Cody struggle on Day 3

The Scouts Inc. crew of Todd McShay, Steve Muench and Kevin Weidl weren't overly impressed with the performances of a couple of ex-SEC defensive stars during Wednesday's practices for the Senior Bowl.

Their assessment of South Carolina's Eric Norwood and Alabama's Terrence Cody was that their stock is dropping.

According to the Scouts Inc. crew, Norwood might end up being more of a situational guy who can help rushing the passer, but has trouble playing every down as an outside linebacker.

The book on Cody, who weighed in at 370 pounds, was even worse. Cody hasn't been a factor rushing the passer and has had trouble splitting double teams. Because of his consistent lack of effort and his weight, the Scouts Inc. crew says teams might be hesitant to use even a second-round pick on him.