Translating Day 2 of SEC media days

HOOVER, Ala. -- We know the drill at media days. Coaches can't be completely honest. They have to give tons of credit to their opponents and not say anything controversial. But what if they could say what they really wanted to? Here are our best guesses for what a few people at media days would have said if they could really speak freely:

Kevin Sumlin on if he's surprised he has become the No. 1 recruiter in Texas:

"If I was surprised, I wouldn't have taken the job. How is that (smiling)?"

Translation: Are you serious? No, I'm not surprised. We're the only program in Texas that can offer recruits a chance to play in the SEC, we just had a Heisman Trophy winner in 2012, we have an exciting offense, I play music at practice and we have a helicopter. Plus, I'm way cooler than Mack Brown and Charlie Strong, combined.

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