Jerome Bettis surprises Mississippi State

A different kind of bus showed up to Starkville, Mississippi, this week. No, it wasn't ESPN's Bus Blitz road trip. This was Jerome Bettis, the Super Bowl-winning running back for the Pittsburgh Steelers who goes by "The Bus."

"A couple of you guys are probably looking at me thinking you can take me," Bettis told the surprised Mississippi State players. "Let's get that off the table right now.[Bernardrick] McKinney, let's not even think about that. I got paid a lot of money to make a whole lot of people bigger than you hurt."

Thankfully, McKinney and none of his teammates tried to take him down. Good luck to the poor souls who ever try.

Instead of breaking tackles and scoring touchdowns, Bettis spoke to the Bulldogs about what it takes to be a champion.