Watch Miss. State QB put arm in cow

Things got weird at Mississippi State this week. Or maybe this is what they mean when they call their town Starkvegas.

Either way, have we got a treat for you.

You think Dak Prescott was a talent before? Wait until you see him stick his arm inside a cow. Yes, you're reading that right.

Every year the Cattleman's Association has a steak dinner for the football team, and after the meal they have live cows, horses and a hay bale tossing competition. This year, social media shed some light on the situation.

The worst part about it? Prescott's teammates saying "Deeper! Deeper! Put your tattoos in it!"

No thanks.

The best part about the day on the ranch? Defensive lineman Nick James doing his part to "save America."

But because this is nominally a sports blog, we should include some competition. There was hay bale tossing competition, remember?