Petrino not a fan of Obama's playoff plan

Posted by ESPN.com's Chris Low

President-elect Barack Obama's proposed plan for an eight-team playoff in college football was welcomed by many coaches around the country.

But not everybody is on board with Obama's plan.

"I think he ought to call us so the head coaches can figure out how to get the price of gas down," said Arkansas coach Bobby Petrino, adding that he was kidding.

Petrino is serious, though, about not wanting to see a college playoff.

"I think it's a good system now," Petrino said. "We play a lot of games and miss a lot of school and do a lot of extra things to make sure we keep our players eligible. It's not something I believe in."

South Carolina's Steve Spurrier couldn't disagree more. He's all for a playoff and thinks Obama's influence could make a difference.

"We have playoffs in every sport in the world, I think, except for college football," Spurrier said. "I used to say: How can we be right and everybody else wrong? I just think with the president pushing it, that something certainly could happen."