Singletary a big Rolando McClain fan

Count San Francisco 49ers coach Mike Singletary as a big Rolando McClain fan.

Singletary, a Hall of Famer with the Chicago Bears, just happens to be one of the best middle linebackers of the last 30 years and said 40-yard dash times are overrated when it comes to middle linebackers.

There has been some speculation leading up to the NFL combine the 6-4, 258-pound McClain may run a slow 40-yard dash time.

We'll see, but he never looked slow to me on the football field and was always around the ball.

I'd be shocked if McClain didn't have a very good NFL career. What's more, Singletary isn't the only person who thinks McClain is destined for big things at the next level. I had a top NFL general manager tell me two years ago that McClain was exactly what everybody in the league was looking for in an inside linebacker.