Alabama does D.C.

'Bama Meets Obama (0:26)

The National Champion Alabama football team meets President Obama (0:26)

President Obama welcomed Alabama's 2009 national championship football team to the White House on Monday in a ceremony honoring the Crimson Tide.

Obama was presented an Alabama jersey by team captain Mike Johnson. The president had obviously been briefed well on how to best endear himself to the Alabama faithful.

In praising the Crimson Tide, Obama quoted former Alabama coach Bear Bryant. He even referred to him as "Coach Bryant."

And if you don't think the Alabama-Auburn rivalry is alive and well and has no boundaries, get a load of this: Obama's press secretary, Robert Gibbs (an Auburn man), sent out a tweet moments after the Alabama team met with Obama that read: "As President welcomes Tide to the White House, I prefer to remember the other 58 mins of Iron Bowl WDE!"

During the ceremony, Obama joked that Gibbs was "hiding in his office."