South Carolina's Steve Spurrier speaks

Posted by ESPN.com's Chris Low

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. -- Just as guitar legend Jimi Hendrix closed the show at Woodstock, South Carolina's Steve Spurrier did the honors Friday at the SEC media days.

The Head Ball Coach never disappoints. Here's some of his best stuff:

On so many coaches moving around in the SEC:

"I really sort of believe coaching is a profession that after ... oh, 10 or 12 years anywhere that maybe somebody else needs to do it. You know, move around a little bit. ... My dad was a preacher. He never lasted 10, 12 years anywhere. They'd tell him, "It's time for you to move on.' So every three or four years, we were moving. They'd already heard all of his sermons, this, that and the other, and there was another place to go."

On how good his offensive line will be this season:

"They should be better. Our center, I guess, was the only senior last year. But I tell people, when you see our guys in the weight room, 'Man, that guy looks like an All-NFL lineman. Then I say, 'Yeah, in the weight room he does look like one. But all of a sudden, the ball is snapped and he's not quite doing it.' "

On how important a player's measurables are when he's recruiting:

"We all try to get the best we can. But at times, you know, well ... he's not quite as tall as we hoped, but we think he's a good player. We've got to go with who you can, sort of like going after girls, I guess. Got to get the best you can, right? Some of these guys actually have good-looking wives, which is unusual."

On the reality of going 6-6 last season:

"We're trying to get better. We don't like 6-6. We did qualify for a bowl, but there was another school, Alabama, at 6-6. They had a little bit more pull than South Carolina did. But that's OK. That's the way life is, and we understand it."

On Arkansas' Bobby Petrino leaving the NFL and returning to the college game:

"Yeah, I told Bobby when he took the [Atlanta Falcons'] job, I said, 'I'm going to give you two years. ... I'll give you two years and you'll come back to college."

On the chances of troubled quarterback Stephen Garcia rejoining the team:

"Stephen could be back. The university is handling his situation. He had a bunch of requirements to do this summer. From what I understand, he's done just about all they've asked or everything. I'm not exactly sure. But the university, the dean of students, the provost or whoever ... somebody will tell him when to come if he's fulfilled those requirements."

On handing the primary play-calling duties over to his son, Steve Jr.:

"I just felt like he's ready to [be] the principal playcaller, and then I'll still have the [play] sheets ready to insert and say, 'Don't forget about this one. Let's get this one in here, there, the other and so forth.' So it will be a team effort. Yet, one guy's got to do it. ... If it goes bad, I did it. If it goes pretty good, he did it. That will be the way it will go."