SEC will distribute $289.7 million in revenue

The rich just keep getting richer in the SEC.

On the final day of the SEC spring meetings down in Destin, Fla., commissioner Mike Slive announced that the league will distribute approximately $289.4 million among its 14 schools. This will be the most distributed in SEC history.

That's around $20.7 million for each school, which is about $400,000 more than the 12 SEC schools -- not counting Missouri and Texas A&M -- brought in last year with a distribution number of $244 million.

That might not sound like a major increase, but when you add two more teams it's still a good amount for each school. Now, that number should only increase with the SEC Network coming in 2014.

But just think about how much money the league is bringing in. The SEC will distribute more than $289 million among its schools. Back in 1980, the SEC distributed only $4.1 million and didn't cross $100 million until 2003 ($101.9 million).

And more money is coming for the league in the future. It's a big-boy league with big-time money all around.