SEC BCS standings reaction

The second batch of BCS standings is out and everyone is still looking up at LSU and Alabama.

LSU remains No. 1, while Alabama is No. 2.

Last week, talk centered around the lack of shock that these two schools continued to be ahead of the pack. Now, after losses by Oklahoma and Wisconsin, we're beginning to wonder if a national championship rematch between Alabama and LSU could be a real possibility.

Before, we figured that too much had to happen and too many teams needed to lose. Well, that process has started.

The losses left two fan bases stunned and triggered more curiosity for two others. If one or more from among Oklahoma State, Stanford, Boise State and Clemson lose, the loser of the epic Alabama-LSU game on Nov. 5 could slip back into the national championship picture if it keeps it close in Tuscaloosa, Ala., then runs the table in style to close the regular season.

The winner would obviously have to win out as well, and that seems mighty doable at this point. A week ago, this dream scenario seemed improbable, but after a little college football chaos, the SEC's dream could actually be a reality.

But there is another team still lurking in the BCS. With Arkansas narrowly beating Ole Miss, the Razorbacks are still in the thick of things, even though they fell from No. 9 to 10th this week.

The Hogs could still be BCS-bound if they take care of business. Beating LSU at the end of the season would almost guarantee Arkansas a BCS bid.

Now, if you want to talk national championship hopes for Arkansas, an LSU victory over Alabama would be better, but it would make things complicated, because if the Hogs win out, we'd most likely have a three-way tie for the West. The SEC would then have to go to its BCS standings/head-to-head matchups rule.

Basically, the tied team with the highest ranking in the final BCS standings would win the West, unless the second of the tied teams is ranked within five or fewer places of the highest-ranked tied team.

Arkansas loses to Alabama, but beats LSU in the rule of five.

Winning out and wishing for multiple losses from Alabama and LSU is Arkansas' best bet.