Some final musings on Mount Rushmore

Posted by ESPN.com's Chris Low

One final thought on the Mount Rushmore project.

You, the fans, have spoken. And, yes, I did miss a few people. I knew I would.

The SEC is so rich in football tradition that it's impossible to include everybody that played a key role in each school's tradition and success when you're keeping it to five to 10 names.

Thanks again for all your input. It was a big help, and it's always neat to see where fans differ on who meant more to each school.

That said, some of the more prominent names that deserved Mount Rushmore mention in some fashion and weren't included: Roy Kramer at Vanderbilt, Condredge Holloway at Tennessee, John Ward at Tennessee, Bowden Wyatt at Tennessee, Herman "Eagle" Day at Ole Miss, Deuce McAllister at Ole Miss, Bill Stanfill at Georgia, Terry Hoage at Georgia, Eric Zeier at Georgia, Quinn Grovey at Arkansas, Bernie Moore at LSU, Mike the Tiger at LSU, Zeke Smith at Auburn and Rex Enright at South Carolina.

As for Alabama, where do you start?

Shaun Alexander, Harry Gilmer, Bobby Humphrey, Woodrow Lowe, Johnny Musso, Gene Stallings, Bart Starr, Dwight Stephenson, Wallace Wade.

Notice I didn't even mention Nick Saban. He'll be there soon enough.

But the list at Alabama goes on and on.

Before we put this topic in our rear-view mirror for good, who would be the four you would chisel into stone if you were during a current SEC football Mount Rushmore?

In other words, the four most prominent/successful individuals associated with SEC football right now.

Mine would be, in alphabetical order, Eric Berry, Urban Meyer, Nick Saban and Tim Tebow.