Monday chat wrap

Here's a look back at today's chat, and here's a preview of what you missed if you were too tired from last night's game and slept in:

Steven (Samson aka Snuff City) [via mobile]

Hi Ed, What team do you expect to surprise us all on signing day? Also do you think Auburn finishes with a top 10 class especially if they get Adams, Foster, McKenzie, and another surprise recruit?

Edward Aschoff (12:07 PM)

I actually think it will be Auburn. Getting Lawson back was huge, but Adams has a real chance of picking Auburn. Foster's early departure from his official visit to Auburn probably knocks the Tigers down a few pegs, but the Tigers could still hold onto DE Tashawn Bower, which would be huge, and Elijah Daniel (Ole Miss DE commit) just visited, so keep an eye on him. Landing some big names Wednesday would put the Tigers in the top 10

Aggie Fishfinder (San Antone)

Who are we going to miss more? Kliff Kingsbury, Ryan Swope, Demontre Moore, or Luke Joeckel?

Edward Aschoff (12:08 PM)

I think it's Moore. Having young, talented receivers and Jake Matthews will help, but no one on that roster can make up for the loss of Moore. Plus, most of that front seven is gone, so the Aggies need someone who can be an immediate playmaker on defense next year.

divakar (colorado springs)

Hi Edward, If Ole Miss ends up landing top recruits, do you think it will be a force in SEC West along with BAMA, LSU and TA&M to watch for?

Edward Aschoff (12:10 PM)

I think that if things continue the way they are going, Ole Miss will be more relevant in the SEC West, yes. But we've seen good recruiting classes make it to campus and fizzle out. The coaching has to build off what happened this fall. Getting stars is great, but you still have to coach them up. Ole Miss could have won nine games last year. With so much coming back and coming in, the Rebels will be a team to watch next season ...

Derek (Athens,GA)

Why has UGA struggled to recruit OL and RB positions this year? The depth should certainly be appealing to seniors.

Edward Aschoff (12:12 PM)

With Gurley and Marshall on campus, I can see why it's been tough, but you'd think the offensive line would be better. There are a few redshirt freshmen on the offensive line, but you can never really have too many offensive linemen. Getting Laremy Tunsil would be huge for the Dawgs.

Blues (SEC Blog)

Ed - believe me, I would be glad to have somoene of Foster's talent at Bama, but leaving in the middle of his official visit to Auburn...is he potential trouble for whoever signs him?

Edward Aschoff (12:13 PM)

He's had a roller coaster recruiting life this year and I think some red flags have been raised. He was committed to two schools and then left one to go to its biggest rival. Not good. he has to get his mind right before he gets on campus ...