What villains top the list in college football?

Posted by ESPN.com's Chris Low

We've examined the villains through the eyes of each team in the SEC. How about the Top 5 villains in all of college football right now? Again, it's important to remember that sometimes the best way to attain villain status is to be exceptionally good at what you do. Here's my list:

1. Notre Dame -- The self-proclaimed greatest and most storied college football program of all-time is pretty mediocre right now (and has been for a while) for a crowd with such a high opinion of itself.

2. Barack Obama -- Granted, the BCS is a flawed system to determine college football's national champion, but the President might be better served to stick to more important matters like, say ... national security.

3. Tim Tebow -- They love him in Florida. And why not? He's the perfect player and a perfect role model. But everywhere else, they're sick of hearing about him and even sicker about him beating up on their teams.

4. Lane Kiffin -- Has there ever been a coach in any sport to stir it up more, say more controversial things or generate more ill will among his future opponents before he even coached in his first game?

5. Jimmy Sexton -- All the coaches he represents -- Nick Saban, Butch Davis, Steve Spurrier, Houston Nutt and Frank Beamer -- swear by him. But Sexton is a hard-nosed negotiator, and he's gotten the best of a few athletic directors over the years.