Predictions: SEC Week 5

I’ll say this for the ATL Kid. He tried to warn me last week about picking Arkansas over Rutgers.

Of course, you never know when you’re involved in such heated competition whether he’s genuinely trying to help out a colleague or simply playing mind games.

Either way, I didn’t listen and stubbornly picked the Hogs. I wasn’t buying that a Big East team would come into an SEC venue and win.

I mean, what’s next? USC finally living up to the hype?

The Kid’s obviously a fast starter and has built a two-game lead on me four weeks into the season. He’s yapping, too. I guess he has a short memory, because he also jumped out to an early lead last season.

How’d that turn out for him?

I’ll give you a hint: He finished in second place, or as the late great Dale Earnhardt would say, he was the first loser.

So as we look ahead to Week 5 in the SEC, The Kid is 42-3 (.933) overall after going 10-0 last week. I’m 40-5 (.889) after going 9-1 and missing Arkansas’ loss to Rutgers.

Enough living in the past. Champions don’t have rear-view mirrors:


Chris Low: At least the Tigers know what it’s like to be in a close game after last week’s scare at Auburn. This week, it’s back to naming their score in what will amount to their fourth glorified scrimmage of the season. … LSU 42, Towson 6

Edward Aschoff: The Tigers' offense has taken a lot of heat after a lackluster performance against Auburn. You'll see a lot more firepower out of LSU on Saturday. ... LSU 45, Towson 3


Chris Low: Nobody needs to remind the Gamecocks what happened during their last trip to the Bluegrass. Of course, Randall Cobb and Derrick Locke are no longer around for the Wildcats, who will be hard-pressed to win an SEC game this season. … South Carolina 34, Kentucky 14

Edward Aschoff: The Gamecocks are really clicking right now, while Kentucky is struggling to get much going at all. Expect South Carolina's offense to continue on its current roll. ... South Carolina 45, Kentucky 10


Chris Low: The Rebels get their first chance of the season to stop their 14-game SEC losing streak. Unfortunately for them, it’s against Alabama. … Alabama 42, Ole Miss 10

Edward Aschoff: Ole Miss' offense might be fun to watch, but it's about to run into a freight train in Tuscaloosa that has barely had any bend in it at all. ... Alabama 48, Ole Miss 7


Chris Low: Missouri gets a break from SEC play after losing its first two league games, each by three touchdowns. We find out a lot about the Tigers’ pride, because this is one they can’t lose and still expect to have a decent season . … Missouri 28, UCF 24

Edward Aschoff: The Tigers have to work out some issues on offense and have to come together as more of a team. UCF provides a tough road environment, but Mizzou will come out with something to prove. ... Missouri 27, UCF 20


Chris Low: The Aggies look like they’re just starting to hit their stride. The Hogs look like they’re teetering. This one has a chance to get ugly, especially when you throw in the 12th Man factor. … Texas A&M 38, Arkansas 21

Edward Aschoff: John L. Smith said Arkansas' defense has trouble stopping the run and the pass. Well, Texas A&M does both pretty well. ... Texas A&M 31, Arkansas 21


Chris Low: The Bulldogs should be getting all of their guys back on defense this week, which is bad news for Tyler Bray & Co. The Vols will score some points, but aren’t good enough on defense to go to Sanford Stadium and win. … Georgia 38, Tennessee 23

Edward Aschoff: There could be a lot of offense in this one, so the team that pounds away up front with its running game will have the upper hand. Georgia's freshman duo at running back will be too much for the Vols in the second half. ... Georgia 35, Tennessee 21