Day 3 at the Senior Bowl

The Scouts Inc. team of Todd McShay, Steve Muench and Kevin Weidl break down Day 3 of the Senior Bowl practicesInsider, and here are some of their thoughts on the SEC players in Mobile:

  • One of McShay’s top performers was Georgia offensive lineman Clint Boling. The thinking going into this week by many was that Boling was probably a guard in the NFL, but McShay now thinks there’s a chance he could play right tackle. Either way, Boling has really helped himself. McShay said, “He has good balance as a blocker, is aggressive and physical, and just knows where he wants to go. He attacks pass-rushers, does a good job with hand placement, and for a guy who's not a great athlete, he's capable of sinking his hips and getting good leverage. The best part of his game is his strength. He's underrated in terms of his overall strength and power at the point of attack. I think out of all the offensive linemen, Boling had the best day today and has the looks of a guy would could be drafted on Day 2.”

  • One of Weidl’s top performers was LSU linebacker Kelvin Sheppard, who at 6-2 and 250 pounds has been impressive with his power and strength at the point of attack. Weidl said, “You see it when he's rushing off the edge in one-on-ones. He's shocking the blocker and knocking him back. He has shown good recognition skills and awareness dropping in coverage. The added weight might have hurt his range a little bit, but he still shows above-average range so it doesn't hurt him that much. We had concerns about him taking on and getting off blocks and we saw some of that today, but overall it was a good day for Sheppard.”

  • Alabama quarterback Greg McElroy has shown good footwork and might be the most mechanically sound quarterback at the Senior Bowl, according to the Scouts Inc. guys. But arm strength has been a problem, making him someone who could go in the sixth or seventh round or possibly undrafted.

  • Tennessee tight end Luke Stocker, who was singled out earlier in the week for his ability to catch the ball over the middle, has also been the best blocker among the tight ends.

  • Alabama offensive lineman James Carpenter got a shout-out for having a good day against the likes of Clemson’s Jarvis Jenkins and Baylor’s Phil Taylor.

  • Mississippi State linebacker Chris White struggled on Day 3. The Scouts Inc. crew are concerned about his range, and he’s limited in space. He also didn’t get off blocks real well, but they like his fight and effort.

  • Alabama tight end/H-back Preston Dial made a couple of one-handed catches, and the Scouts Inc. crew think he may be a sleeper and a great value pick in the later rounds.