Gamecocks motivated by gas-pumping comment

Posted by ESPN.com's Chris Low

South Carolina freshman receiver Alshon Jeffery has taken the high road this week and declined to discuss Tennessee coach Lane Kiffin's gas-pumping comment from earlier this year.

But Moe Brown, one of the Gamecocks' senior captains, said he was offended by the whole thing and said Jeffery confirmed to teammates that Kiffin did tell him that he would end up pumping gas if he signed with South Carolina.

"I’m taking it very personally," Brown said. "I’m taking it personally to the point where I’m going to show him how we do pump gas at South Carolina.”

Jeffery and his high school coach, Walter Wilson, both told ESPN.com for a story in March that Kiffin made the comments during a late-night phone call on the eve of signing day. Wilson said he took it more as an act of desperation by Kiffin when he realized he'd lost Jeffery to the Gamecocks. Kiffin has steadfastly denied making the comments.

Either way, Brown said they won't soon be forgotten.

"I’m a South Carolina native as well as a student here at the University of South Carolina," Brown said. "I’m a 3.2 finance-marketing major, and I feel I’m very intelligent. The last thing I’m going to be doing is pumping gas after I get through at the university here. Some things are just better to go without saying, and I’m pretty sure he didn’t expect for it to come out ... but it did."