Frustration mounting for South Carolina, Spurrier

Posted by ESPN.com's Chris Low

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- It's a thought that probably crossed the mind of just about every South Carolina fan that trudged out of Vanderbilt Stadium on Thursday night.

Was it the Head Ball Coach's last trip to Nashville as the Gamecocks' coach?

There are bad losses, and then there are bad losses. This one will resonate for a while with Steve Spurrier, who's simply not wired to lose four, five or six games a season. He's definitely not wired to lose to Vanderbilt in consecutive seasons.

The frustration is growing, and you could hear it as loud and clear in what he said Thursday following the Gamecocks' 24-17 loss to the Commodores as you ever have since he returned to college football in 2005.

He's a good enough coach that the Gamecocks can still turn this season around. They get a chance right away next weekend against No. 2-ranked Georgia. But it won't be easy, especially now that it looks like star receiver Kenny McKinley will be out for a while with a hamstring injury.

Spurrier fumed at the notion that some of his players indicated last year that they weren't ready to play when Vanderbilt upset then No. 6-ranked South Carolina.

"We were ready to play. We just got our butts kicked," he said. "I'm sure those Vanderbilt players are wondering what kind of excuse the South Carolina guys have now. We don't have any excuses. They just beat us."

Going back to last season, the Gamecocks have now lost five straight SEC games, and it doesn't get any easier with Georgia coming to Columbia on Sept. 13.

The 6-6 finish a year ago was hard enough on Spurrier. If the Gamecocks head back down a similar road this year, don't be surprised if the Head Ball Coach hits the road.