Halftime: Ole Miss 17, Arkansas 7

You never want to make the mistake of overlooking a team in this conference.

Arkansas might be guilty of that as Ole Miss is up 17-7 at the half against the Razorbacks. The Rebels rushed out to a 17-0 lead until Dennis Johnson went 52 yards on a run. Johnson has been the only bright spot in Arkansas' offense, but outside of his touchdown run he has netted just 14 yards on three carries.

Tyler Wilson has just 72 yards at the half, as Ole Miss' secondary has really stepped up. We haven't seen this sort of fire out of the Rebels' secondary all season, and the Rebels are without top defensive backs Marcus Temple and Wayne Dorsey.

If not for that long run by Johnson, the SEC's top offense might not have anything to show through the first two quarters. Arkansas has just 128 offensive yards at the half.

As for Ole Miss, the Rebels' offense has racked up 250 yards at the half, which is two yards less than what it averages each game. Quarterback Randall Mackey has completed 10-of-12 passes for 122 yards and a 31-yard touchdown to Donte Moncrief. The Rebels have also rushed for 128 yards.

Ole Miss' offense looks more like what we expected Arkansas' to look like today. Arkansas coach Bobby Petrino looked upset at the end of the half, so expect his Hogs to come out a little more focused in the second half.