Kiper: Tebow a second- or third-round pick

ESPN draft analyst Mel Kiper said Wednesday he doesn't see Tim Tebow going any higher than the second or third round.

Kiper also repeated his stance that he thinks Tebow will end up being an H-back in the NFL. Moreover, Kiper thinks Tebow made a mistake by playing in the Senior Bowl.

"I would not have gone to the Senior Bowl," Kiper said. "I would not throw at the combine. I would wait until an individual workout. After that Cincinnati Bearcat game, nobody would have seen me throw until the individual workout where I’m throwing to [Aaron] Hernandez and [Riley] Cooper and my environment. At the combine, you go there, you’re interviewed and you go through the medical. I would have never set foot in Mobile, Ala. You don’t have to go."

Tebow's elongated delivery has been dissected endlessly, as well as his tendency to drop the ball so low before he throws it.

But according to several people who've seen him throw recently, he's got the ball up a lot better now and isn't starting his delivery down around his hip, similar to the way he did during his career at Florida.

We'll see how much better that delivery looks next week at the NFL combine and during Florida's pro day in March. Tebow has been working out with former NFL quarterback and coach Zeke Bratkowski in Franklin, Tenn.