Which Super Bowl team wins social media?

It’s just a few days before the Super Bowl and a good time to check your preparation. What better way than with a quick pop quiz about the teams' presence in the all-important digital space?

1. Which New England Patriot was tweeted about most leading up to the playoffs?

Sigh. We’re one question in and you’ve already messed up your chances for a perfect score. Hard to believe, we know, but coach Bill Belichick took honors with more than 3 million tweets compared to Tom Brady’s nearly 700,000, according to Banyan Branch, a social media agency. (Giants coach Tom Coughlin didn’t quite reach 30,000 tweets.)

Henry Schafer of the Q Scores Company, which measures the national awareness and appeal of various personalities, isn’t surprised by the public response to Belichick. Compared to Coughlin, Brady and Eli Manning, Schafer says, “[Belichick] creates more emotion. He’s the devious mastermind with all kinds of tricks up his sleeve.”

Schafer says 18 percent of those familiar with Belichick say he’s one of their favorite sports personalities. His 18 Q Score eclipses that of Coughlin and is comparable to Manning’s.

“Coming into the Super Bowl, he’s probably being perceived as the more creative coach of the two,” Schafer says. “With the injuries, especially to the tight end, I’m guessing a lot of it has to do with the strategy he might employ and how he might surprise everyone Sunday.”

2. Which team had more buzz on Twitter?

Easy stuff. New York Giants-related tweets dwarfed the Patriots’, garnering 63 percent of the tweets between the two teams. That margin occurred even though the number of tweets mentioning Brady was twice that of Manning.

“The Giants have more of a team brand versus an individual player brand,” says Blake Cahill, president of Banyan Branch.

3. Which had the more popular team website in December as it made its run to the playoffs?

Yeah, yeah -- a poorly worded question for a quiz. But if you missed it, too bad: The Patriots grabbed about 70,000 more unique visitors than the Giants, according to Nielsen and NM Incite. But those of you who guessed the Giants can live with the dreaded moral victory: Giants fans spent an average of 10 minutes, 21 seconds per person on their site compared to the Patriots’ 5 minute, 54 seconds mark. And Giants fans viewed an average of 17 pages, while Patriots fans viewed just nine, creating a 3.5 million gap in total page views.

4. Which website drew a wealthier visitor?

Visitors to the Patriots’ website in January were three times more likely to make $150,000 or more annually than U.S. visitors to other websites, according to Nielsen.

5. Finally, which team website drew more women visitors?

We’ll call it the Brady factor, because a greater percentage of women among visitors clicked on the Patriots’ site: 67 percent of visitors to the Giants’ site were male, compared to 57 percent on the Patriots’ site, according to Nielsen.