David Lloyd: The Storm's Coming

David Lloyd

There is snow coming in..

As children run madly through the streets and grown-ups batten down the hatches to prepare for the apocalypse I stare at a difficult quandary: On BIG snowstorm nights, like tonight, ESPN will put you up at a local hotel just down the street so that none of us wrap our car around a pole trying to plow through the elements. That's the easy way out, though. Seen by some as an act of cowardice. Frankly a night at a hotel away from the sturm und drang of my house would be a welcomed interlude, but the Cowboys are on tonight and I'm not 100 percent certain the hotel has the NFL Network. Even if it does it would be at the bar. Now, I have nothing against bars. Bars and I have a longstanding friendship. But, I'm preparing for some choppy waters tonight - the Saints are far superior to the 'Boys - and I'm incapable of carrying on polite conversation when Dallas is imploding or being shoved around. So the plan is to watch the game at home, park the car at end of long driveway so i'm not snow-stranded, sleep for 3 hours, dig out, white-knuckle into work, and proceed with my day.