David Lloyd: I hope Santa Brings My Son Electric Football

David Lloyd

All-time favorite Christmas gift...Electric Football!

I got it when I was probably 9 years old - and I spent entire months over that shivering piece of metal. It housed 22 players - 11 browns and 11 giants. The "passer" was useless - he was thrown away almost immediately. This was grind it out football, and by "grind it out" I mean setting up for a run and watching your players roam haphazardly around the field. Kids today have Madden - we had maddening. Your running back could break off a 60-yard run, only to change his mind - do a yooey and casually head back from whence he came. It was a lesson about the random nature of the universe, but we tried our best to create some order. My brother and I sawed off the legs of the players then re-attached them with model airplane glue - stacking the players at a steeper angle. Talk about running downhill. It didn't work, nothing worked with that game. The only thing more nonsensical about the directions those little plastic players sailed off in, was the fascination we had with that blasted thing.

Boy, I hope Santa brings my son electric football.