David Lloyd: Thank You Santa

David Lloyd

If you saw my post on Christmas eve I was hoping Santa would get my 8-year old son electric football, so I could re-kindle some of my own memories with that infernal piece of shivering metal. The big fella is good - Santa delivered, and I almost knocked my boy over diving into the game.

For you nostalgia buffs, this baby is the real deal, because in the 30-odd years since my version of the game, they have made zero improvements. Why tinker with an inferior and yet addictive product? The players still do solo loop-de-loops, like a dog chasing its tail. The end of each play is still littered with guys rammed up against the sideline wall, determinedly driving away in vain. The passer/kicker guy is still as inscrutable and worthless as ever. The ball carrier still misses his hole every time, then like a weathervane will fade off in a random direction.

And yet somehow I can still while away a solid hour hunkered over the vibrating field.