About Last Night: Pictures from Wednesday, Dec. 30th

LeBron James hugs Anderson Varejao with all he's got

AP Photo/Tony Dejak

Cleveland's LeBron James couldn't contain himself after learning that he had beat out Brazil's Anderson Varejao for the NBA's coveted title of Mr. Global Icon.

Steve Nash and Leandro Barbosa share a secret

Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

"At the count of three, you will open your eyes and start clucking like a chicken. One ... two ..."

Vince Carter and Mickael Pietrus discuss Orlando's history

Photo by Fernando Medina/NBAE via Getty Images)

"See, a lot of people think the decade ends tomorrow night but Stan just told me that it actually ends after 2010. Crazy right?

Oleksiy Pecherov of the Minnesota Timberwolves speaks with old teammate of the Ukrainian National Basketball Team Kyrylo Fesenko of the Utah Jazz

Photo by David Sherman/NBAE via Getty Images

Utah's Kyrylo Fesenko is stunned when the Timberwolves' Oleksiy Pecherov tells him that none of his teammates speak any Ukrainian.

New York Rangers' Henrik Lundqvist looks on

AP Photo/Julie Jacobson

When quarterbacks wear baseball hats during games, it means that the defense is on the field. When goalies like the New York Rangers' Henrik Lundqvist wear them, it means they've been benched after giving up four goals in two periods. Better luck in 2010 Henrik.