Jets Run Away from Cincinnati as AFC Playoffs are Clear for Takeoff

Jets fans

Al Bello/Getty Images

Mike Judge can rest knowing he left the world a better place with “Office Space” and this sign.

The Jets blanked the Bengals to set up the third Week 17-to-playoff rematch in the NFL’s wild card stage. The Ravens ran roughshod over the Raiders in anticipation of a meeting with the banged-up Pats. The Colts weathered another loss to rest their starters while the Bolts have become the league’s deadliest team after back-up Billy Volek led San Diego to its 11th straight victory.

While it’s a shame the Texans couldn’t turn their first winning season into a playoff run, it looks like we’re in for quite a dramatic opening round in the AFC. Here are some of the key players we’re paying special attention to with the biggest questions on our minds:

Mark Sanchez – Can he make efficient clock management popular with casual fans?

Chad Ochocinco Johnson – Will he be in shape in time for a return to Revis Island?

Darrelle Revis – Are we witnessing the evolution of the shut-up cornerback position?

Julian Edelman – Can he continue to pull off his best Wes Welker impression while Tom Brady plays through his broken ribs and index finger?

Willis McGahee – Does his 167 rushing yards and two touchdowns against the Raiders spell more split carries with Ray Rice?

The first game of the NFL’s wildcard weekend begins with the Jets versus Bengals rematch on Saturday.