LeBron James Loves "NY" (Whatever That Means)

Liam Kyle/NBAE/Getty Images

"Hey LeBron, is it 'Nickels, Yay!' or 'Neon Yellow?' I give up ... ."Have you heard that LeBron James loves New York? Remember when he wore that Yankees cap? Well, that was nothing compared to the talk that will ensue when his new set of sneakers hit the streets.

The Cleveland Leader has gotten its hands on some leaked photos of the soon-to-be released Nike Air Max LeBron VII Low shoes and let’s just say they’re not very subtle when it comes to stoking the 2010 Free Agency Fires (not that LeBron has ever really been). Not only are the shoes blue and orange, but they also feature an I “LION” NY message on the outsole.

Sure, the blue and orange could plausibly be explained as the Cavs’ throwback colors, but what’s up with the literal NY reference? Could it mean anything else? Maybe LeBron’s just a huge Neil Young fan. Or he loves Newborn Yorkies.

We’d like to think that this is just a veiled reference to LeBron’s aspirations to one day play Major League Baseball for former manager of the Milwaukee Brewers and one-time taxidermist Ned Yost. That must be it. At any rate, at least it's finally 2010 and we're down to our final six to eight months of speculation. We hope.