Mamma Mia, What A Goal!

Inter Milan

Are you the man responsible for this madness, Wesley Sneijder? (Yes.)

We literally don't know where to begin when it comes to describing this clip of an Italian announcer calling Inter Milan's 4-3, comeback victory over Siena Saturday (thanks to Dirty Tackle via CNNSI for the find).

First, before we say anything, just watch it.

The commentator's absolute jump-out-of-his-seat-and-shove-his-scarf-in-his-mouth euphoria after each goal (how is this guy still alive)? The cuts back to the studio where two anchors, who have to be pushing 80, leap (as best as two guys pushing 80 can leap) out of their seats and start an impromptu dance party? The fact that there are Italians who actually exclaim, "Mamma mia!" The awkward hugs offered up by the announcer to anyone passing by? It's all too good to be true.

Is it better than Al Michaels' Do You Believe In Miracles call from the 1980 Olympics? Maybe not. But it definitely knocks this guy off the top spot on our list of crazy soccer announcers (video's a little long, but the first 30 seconds tell you all you need to know). World Cup 2010, we can't wait.