Hannah Storm: Cardinals Have All the Luck


Andrew Luck's success at Stanford...coming as no shock to at least one sportscaster who cut her teeth covering the Houston Oilers back in the day. The redshirt freshman comes from great stock. His dad Oliver spent his career as backup to the Oilers highly touted quaterback Warren Moon.

I had the pleasure of getting to know Luck while covering the Oilers as a radio reporter...and ran into him again in Houston last spring. Even though I was a fledgling sportscaster, Luck always encouraged me. He was one of my biggest supporters and someone whom I admired for his smarts, warmth and maturity.

Those qualities that made him so valuable in the Oilers locker room were duly recognized by business types in the league, who later made Rhodes Scholar finalist from West Virginia the head of operations for NFL Europe. These days, Luck sits as president of the Houston Dynamo...heading up efforts to build a soccer stadium in Houston. If anyone can make that sport succeed on a business level in this country, it's Luck. Who has left nothing to chance. A career forged on hard work and patience, has filtered down to one of his four children...who just happens to have surprised many with his play and composure in recent weeks. Those of us who know his dad...have known for awhile that the Cardinals have all the Luck.