Getting Served 92 Times By Penn State

Fun times for Penn State

Does anyone else think we're taking this first aid class a little too seriously?

There are a lot of big games this weekend, but before everybody goes football crazy, let’s pull this bus over to the side of the road for a little women’s volleyball pit stop.

Penn State faces Purdue in the Boiler Box tonight at 7pm ET in the midst of the second longest streak in the history of NCAA Division I sports. That’s right, the Nittany Lions have won 92 straight matches dating back to 2004.

That mark ties the 92-game streak previously set by UNC’s women’s soccer team, which featured a little soccer legend named Mia Hamm. Who’s in first-place you ask? Well, that would be none other than the Miami (FL) men’s tennis team with 137 consecutive wins. See, you learn something everyday.

Of course, the NCAA doesn’t keep records for all D-I sports and it’s possible that there’s a water polo streak that’s longer. If so, we think it’s about time that team gets proper recognition because we all know it’s not easy to teach horses how to swim.

Annnnnd Cymbal Crash. Be sure to tip your waitresses.