The Future Looks Bright (Especially For Movies That Feature Robot Sports)


AP Photo/Itsuo Inouye

Scientests and Hollywood Producers are hard at work developing a hand that can dunk harder than LeBron James.

Word out of Hollywood is that Hugh Jackman is set to star in an upcoming movie called "Real Steal" in which Jackman and his son train a robot boxer (yes, a robot) to become the world's greatest ... robot boxer?

Stop right there, we're sold. Sure, we'd like to see Pacquiao battle Mayweather at the MGM Grand but that's only because we haven't heard any rumblings about a C3PO - Terminator bout in the making. Why should Hollywood stop at boxing robots? Let's spread this genius idea to the rest of the sports world. We can see it now:

Steve Guttenberg and Fisher Stevens reprise their roles as doctors Newton Crosby and Ben Jabituya, from the Short Circut franchise, and are hired by the Steinbrenner clan to create a team of J0hnny 5 baseball players. It turns out Hank secretly wants to use the robots to fortify his much-depleted outfield and lead the Yankees to an Intergallactic Series title. Newton and Ben soon discover the Steinbrenners' plan and begin to sabotage the robots. Hilarity ensues.

The Mighty Duck series needs a little reinvigorating so why not replace Charlie Conway and Adam Banks with the famous Disney robots Wall-E and Eva. Let's see if they are sharp enough to take down the world junior team from Iceland.

Albert Pujols has already been labeled "The Machine" but for Hollywood's sake, Pujols will be half man/half machine and do battle with his new hitting coach, Mark McGwire, for control of the city of St Louis. Imagine Godzilla vs. Mothra but with more home runs.

The best part about the Transformers franchise is that the plot is thin enough to always leave room for another sequel. This time, Optimus Prime and the rest of the Autobots return to Earth to challenge NASCAR champion Jimmie Johnson in the Robota 500. How will the Autobots penetrate the seemingly unbeatable Johnson at his own game? Sorry, popcorn-eaters, we can't answer that question without giving away the best part. You'll have to wait for the trailer.