NBA Dream Team: Who's Your Starting 5?

Fernando Medina/NBAE/Getty Images

MJ, Wilt, Kobe, LeBron, Magic? Who would you select with the first pick for your all-time NBA team

Early this morning, a debate broke out among the SportsCenter staff in the show pod. The question was, “If you had to choose 5 players to start on an all-time NBA team, who would it be?” After about 15 minutes, we decided to do a draft. Four teams, and each picked a starting 5. The Team names are based on the order of the draft (Team A had the 1st pick, but in this “snake-style draft”, team A did not select again until pick number 8). For the record, Michel Jordan did NOT go with the first pick - here's how the 1st round went: 1) Chamberlain, 2) Jordan, 3) Magic, 4) LeBron

After checking out the teams below, let us know which team you would take to win.

Team A (pick number)

C Wilt Chamberlain (1)

PF Tim Duncan

SF Oscar Robertson

SG Jerry West

PG John Stockton

After the jump, check out the three-remaining NBA dream teams and the notable players who didn't make the cut.

Team B

C Bill Russell

PF Charles Barkley

SF Elgin Baylor

SG Michael Jordan (2)

PG Pete Maravich

Team C

C Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

PF Hakeem Olajuwon

SF Larry Bird

SG Julius Erving

PG Magic Johnson (3)

Team D

C Shaquille O’Neal

PF Kevin Garnett

SF LeBron James (4)

SG Kobe Bryant

PG Isiah Thomas

Some Notable Players Not Selected: (In alphabetical order)

Bob Cousy

George Gervin

Walt Frazier

John Havlicek

Elvin Hayes

Karl Malone

Moses Malone

George Mikan

Earl Monroe

Bob Pettit