Pro Bowl Remix: The Mad Skills Edition

Pro Bowlers Tony Romo, Donovan McNabb and Aaron Rodgers

Getty Images

Donovan's wondering what he got himself into after Tony and Aaron proposed to "make things interesting" on the practice field.

Just how popular is the NFL? The Pro Bowl’s sold out with more than 70,000 tickets moved. That’s max attendance even with some of the biggest stars sitting out due to injury or Super Bowl preparations. The weekend festivities include … well, the Senior Bowl and the Pro Bowl itself. That's cool, but we wonder how much more awesome it'd be if the league held side competitions. MLB's All-Star bash has the Home Run Derby. NBA All-Star Weekend sports slam dunk-offs, three-point shoot-outs, even H-O-R-S-E. What's a little extra French pastry for the fans?

Here are some feats of strength and skill that we'd gladly catch a plane to Miami (or Honolulu) for:

Punting "High Jump" - Who can launch the pigskin over the tallest crossbar? Is there a way to rig up Jerry Jones' scoreboard over Land Shark Dolphin Sun Life Stadium?

Clay Pigeon Kicking - Who's got the leg-eye coordination to pick off high-speed targets? Would Chad "Esteban" Ochocinco be a sudden dark horse contender in this field?

The Longest Throw - Who's got the greatest cannon in the league? Finally, a chance at redemption for JaMarcus Russell.

Touchdown Celebration - Each show-boater starts from five yards out of the end zone and have two minutes to perform his best post-scoring routine without fear of fines. Judges will place extra emphasis on artistic interpretation, including use of pre-planted props. The Lambeau Leap is a compulsory element.

Crossbar Dunk Competition - Finally, a forum for Vincent Jackson to show off his NBA-caliber hops.

The Longest Field Goal – Line up ten balls on tees. Each kicker has ten shots at glory in the punter's version of a Strong Man competition.

Offensive Lineman 100-yard Dash - Why not 40 yards, you ask? Come on. You know why. This sight would be more entertaining than a wiener dog race.

Head Coach Skills Competition - Scratch that, watching Rex Ryan and Andy Reid run the 40 and punt/pass/kick would be better than a dachshund sprint.

Goal Line Stand - All-Pro O-Line versus All-Pro D-Line, the proverbial unstoppable force and immovable object on the one yard line.

Gatorade Shower Dodge – Which coach would be the best at anticipating a lemon-lime sneak attack? Medals awarded based on least amount of liquid squeezed from pants.

Kurt Warner Classic - Speed bagging, Supermarket Sweep-style shopping cart runs and arena football drills in a tribute to the recently retired QB.

The Pro Bowl kicks off on Sunday at 7:20 ET.