Pants-Gate! (aka: Pants on the Ground, in NJ)

Missing (1:20)

Missing (1:20)

Controversy ensued this morning in the newsroom over a wardrobe malfunction. We'll let the people involved speak for themselves.

We start with a statement from Jay Crawford, anchor on ESPN2's "First Take":

"This morning- as I have done every morning for 6 and a half years- my suit for First Take was on a hanger in my room. Unbeknowst to me - this morning my pants fell off the hanger and currently lay somewhere in my home, in New Jersey. Upon arriving at ESPN this morning I realized I had no dress pants. I went to a wardrobe locker, grabbed a pair of pants that seemed about the right size, and left a note apologizing to whoever was the rightful owner of the slacks. I reiterate that apology now."

With his version of the events in question, here's John Buccigross: