Linda Cohn: Skating With Denis Leary

Linda Cohn

The game-time temperature was 2 degrees. That was not going to stop me from doing something I've never done before in my life. Play ice hockey OUTSIDE with Denis Leary.

Welcome to my Winter Classic.

Rescue me? I don't think so. I didn't want be anywhere else. For those who might not know, I was an ice hockey goalie in high school where I played on the boy's team and in college where I started all four years for the Oswego State Women's team. Let's just say its been awhile since I played the game competitively with players of this caliber.

How cold was I? Didn't have time to think about it because when you play three on three, my focus was more on stopping pucks and staying alive to blog about it.

How did I do? I still had the lightning quick glove hand. Once Denis and the guys realized that, they started shooting low and scoring. They found my weakness. My feet were frozen.

Linda with Denis LearyLinda and the guys