The CFL Calls Dibs on the Last Brownie, the Good Seat on the Couch and Tim Tebow

Tim Tebow

Wherever he goes, Tim will probably be surrounded by a microphone-wielding crowd.

Will Tim Tebow's first professional football uniform be a Canadian Football League jersey? Probably not. But Tebow's less-than-great Senior Bowl performance Saturday, coupled with the news that the Florida star chose coach Marc Trestman of the CFL’s Montreal Alouettes to be his private QB tutor, has the "Tebow to the Great White North" rumor mill churning.

All we know for certain is that the Montreal Alouettes – or Les Alouettes de Montreal to our French-Canadian friends – added Tebow to their "confidential negotiation list." And all that means is, if Tebow does end up in the CFL, the Alouettes have an exclusive option on his rights.

So as we understand it, it's basically like calling dibs (or, in French, prems) on a player if all his NFL hopes and dreams don't come true. Which is a fabulous idea, for the team anyway. Worst case, the player doesn't sign and the team replaces him with someone else. Best case, hey they play! And before you say, "that will never happen," look at Kurt Warner, Jesse Ventura, and current Alouettes third-string quarterback (and fellow Florida alum) Chris Leak. As they'll be the first to tell you, you just never know how your professional sporting career is going to work out.

So what other leagues should call dibs on potential NFL draftees? Well, whoever runs the show over at World's Strongest Man needs to call dibs on potential No. 1 pick Ndamukong Suh (Nebraska), all 6-foot-4, 300 pounds of him. You can't tell us Suh, who benches 470 and runs the 40 in 4.8 seconds, wouldn't dominate at the airplane pull. Of course, if Suh passes on that opportunity, MLS might want to jot his name down. Because Ndamukong used to play soccer. Of course he did.

UPA (the professional ultimate Frisbee association) should call next on ball-hawking safety Eric Berry (Tennessee), if somehow he ever feels like the whole playing-in-the-NFL thing has become too blasé. That kid could beat out a golden retriever for a Frisbee. But the UPA will have to fight off the producers of the NFL halftime show, because clearly Berry has entertaining SKILLS. Look how he almost smiles at the camera in this "Berry for Heisman" video. Then again, seeing as Berry didn't get a Heisman nod, maybe he should stick to the disc.

There's no doubt PBR — that's Professional Bull Riders, Inc AKA "the toughest sport on dirt" — should latch on to Colt McCoy (Texas). For no other reason than his name is Colt McCoy, and if he's not quarterbacking a football team from Texas, he should probably be riding a bull. We wonder if his marriage proposal to Rachel Glandorf would have been more or less impressive if it had been inside the rodeo ring instead of on the field at the Longhorns' stadium. We think more.

By the same token, the AVP (American beach volleyball tour) would be wise to throw Jimmy Clausen (Notre Dame) on its wish list. Because he's from SoCal, which means he's automatically good at volleyball, right? Even if we're wrong about that, and we don't think we are, he totally has that sun-drenched, sea-breeze-in his-hair look D-O-W-N. And that has to be worth a couple Coppertone endorsements at least. Game, set, match.