Hannah Storm: Tempers Flaring

Hannah Storm

Is it the long cold winter... that tempers are flaring?

This weekend alone; Kentucky superfrosh John Wall saying he doesn't listen to his coach. Carolina's Roy Williams saying his team can't get any worse. Phil Mickelson, defending his carefully cultivated image, incensed at being called a cheater and intimating legal action for slander. Pete Weber's anger directed at a woman taking pictures. Rex Ryan's boorish behavior in Florida, (although it gave us something to talk about other than Dwight Freeney's ankle) and to top it all off, Andy Murray...crying...because he knows that he can never win that major in Roger Federer's tennis lifetime.

And thus, January ends with a sniffle and a glare (or several). Never thought I would say this, particularly from the frozen tundra that is Bristol, but bring on February.

After the Super Bowl some Olympics to hibernate with... but the March Madness thaw-out can't come soon enough!