In Non-Who Dat News: Georgetown, LeBron and Mark Martin are all Very Good at Their Jobs

Danica Patrick

"Is this outfit too matchy-matchy with my car?"

Super Bowl aside, it was a case of the good, the bad, and the ugly this sports weekend. The good? NASCAR, college hoops and the NBA are HEATING up. The bad? Football’s over and all we have to comfort us till training camp in August is our fantasy draft prospectus. The ugly? Do we even need to say it — the poor, poor Nets still can’t catch a break.

So, in case you were too busy following Chad Ochocinco’s OCNN Super Bowl tweets or finding the perfect avocados for your Super Bowl guacamole extravaganza, here's what you missed in non-amazing Super Bowl upsets this weekend.

NBA Highs and NBA Lows

We got just about what we expected from the NBA this weekend: The good was good and the bad was bad. LeBron (the good) went all King James on the Knicks Saturday, totaling 47 points, eight rebounds and eight assists in the Cavs’ win. Ho-hum, right? Not when you consider 1. LeBron scored 24 consecutive points in the first half, 2. LeBron scored 35 points overall in the first half, a Cavs record, and, 3. This was LeBron’s fifth career game with that many points, rebounds and assists. The only other two players who’ve put up such numbers that many times? Wilt Chamberlain and Oscar Robertson. Stats like this would usually make us feel kind of worthless in comparison to LeBron’s overall dominance and body of accomplishment at the ripe old age of 25, but we spent 48 straight hours this weekend watching coverage of Dwight Freeny’s ankle. So … there.

Meanwhile, back in the Motor City, the Nets lost again (99-92 to the Pistons). Ho-hum, right? Not when you consider it brought the Nets to a 4-46 record, tying the worst 50-game start for not only the NBA but the NHL and MLB, too. Which MLB team, you ask? The 1876 Red Stockings. Way to make us reach way back into the history books, Nets.

The NCAA has an upsetting weekend

Not because the FSU athletic department announced Sunday that it will vacate (make legally void) 12 football wins, a men’s track national title and tourney wins in baseball and women’s basketball because of NCAA sanctions (academic misconduct case). Although we can imagine that would be quite upsetting. But we’re talking about college hoops UPSETS. Like No. 8 Georgetown beating No. 2 Villanova, further proving our theory that no one wants to be No. 1 this year. Or Illinois beating No. 5 Michigan State, the first time the Illini beat a top-five conference opponent since 2001 (with special thanks to Kalin Lucas’ ankle sprain). Or Oklahoma beating No. 10 Texas, 80-71. Although, with the Longhorns losing four out of their last six to the likes of Baylor, K-State and Connecticut, does that one really count as an upset? The jury's out.

NASCAR's Soap Opera Season Begins

Daytona was a busy place this weekend, with NASCAR qualifying for the Daytona 500 Saturday morning, the ARCA race featuring Danica Patrick Saturday evening, and the Budweiser Shootout Saturday night. Bobby Gerhart (ARCA) and Kevin Harvick (Bud Shootout) won races, but it was Danica (no surprise) and Mark Martin (kind of a surprise) who stole the show. Does the fact that they both race for GoDaddy.com mean we can expect Martin guest starring in next year's Super Bowl commercials? We certainly hope so, especially if it means seeing Mark reclined on a massage table and saying things like, "I really need this. I'm so tight."

Danica somehow managed to live up to the enormous hype surrounding her stock car debut, finishing sixth in the Lucas Oil Slick Mist 200. Mark Martin, meanwhile, followed up his impressive 2009 season with some more impressiveness, recording the fastest qualifying speed (191 mph) and becoming the oldest driver in Daytona 500 history to win the pole. A now-confident Danica has decided to race in next weekend’s NASCAR Nationwide race? Now, will Martin race from the pole to win the 500? Stay tuned for next week’s episode of (insert soap opera music here) the Old and the Beautiful.