About Last Night: Pictures From Friday, Feb. 12th

Olympic Cauldrons

Glass is half empty: A mechanical error prevented one of the four torches from being lit. Glass is half full: Lower kersosene costs!

Opening Ceremony

The opening ceremony of the Vancouver Winter Olympic Games was going just perfectly until Polar Bearzilla stormed the facilities.

Nelly and Bryan

While watching Nelly Furtado and Bryan Adams perform during the opening ceremony, musician Ryan Adams immediately knew that he had at least another two weeks of teasing to endure.

Benny and Taj

With so many steakhouses in Dallas, Benny the Bull feared for his safety - and he hoped that Taj Gibson would help him get out of town quickly.

Mark and Chris

During a break in action at the 2010 NBA All-Star Celebrity Game, Mark Cuban suggested to Chris Tucker that he'd be willing to finance Rush Hour 4 - as long as he gets Jackie Chan's role.

DeJuan and Tyreke

DeJuan Blair rebounds anything near him - including other people's trophies.