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Jamie McMurray led only two laps at the Daytona 500, but one of the laps was the all-important last lap. So he's a winner, after overcoming a big bump in the road. Literally. A pothole opened up and tried to swallow some cars. It took them nearly two-and-a-half hours to get new pavement to stick inside of it, so add that to the bizarre wastes of time we've seen in sport over the last four months. Examples of which, after the jump.


- On January 19th, a first-round match at the Australian Open was delayed 40 minutes when a ball boy wasn't able to, well, hold it any longer.

- On January 12th, an alarm caused the FedEx Forum to be evacuated, delaying the Grizzlies two-point win over the Clippers by 36 minutes.

- On January 8th, the lights go out during second period of Devils-Lightning game, which is eventually suspended for two days.

- On Halloween, Manu Ginobili smacked a bat out of the air, delaying the Spurs' 19-point win over the Kings.

- On October 18th, the leaders at the Des Moines Marathon turned the final corner and had to stop for a wayward train that was passing in front of them. The rest of pack caught up while they waited. (They race under different rules than NASCAR, apparently.)


As the sun comes up in Vancouver, the United States is counting 6 medal wins so far. That equals the number of medals it won during the entire 1988 Winter Olympics - the last time the Games were held in Canada. (Calgary, Alberta, since you asked.) And with Team USA finally getting a medal in the Nordic Combined, there's only one Winter Olympics sport (out of the 15 currently contested) left to conquer. And that is the cross-country-skiing-and-rifle-shooting mix you know as the biathlon.

"Melissa, will you be my Blueshirt Bride? Love, Nick."

- Valentine's Day did not work out so well for one Rangers fan. (You pick which one.)

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