Steve Nash: Torch Bearer, Skills Champ and NASCAR Savior?


Photo: February 13, 2010

"You people have no idea what I've been up to this weekend."

Just when Steve Nash thought it couldn’t get any better than lounging in a Chucky Cheese basketball pit, it did. The two-time NBA MVP spent Friday evening lighting the Olympic cauldron in Vancouver, in possibly the best pair of mittens we've ever seen. Nash agreed, labeling the ceremony "the best moment of my career."

Shortly after, the Canadian star flew to Dallas to beat a trio of point guards in the NBA All-Star Skills Competition on Saturday, just six days after turning 36. And the very next day, Nash started at point guard for the Western Conference All-Stars in front of the biggest crowd to ever attend a basketball game (108, 713). Pretty amazing weekend, right? Well, you don't know the half of it. Here is a glimpse at Nash's weekend.


- Before landing in Vancouver, Nash made a conference call to Tim Lincecum and the San Francisco Giants just before their arbitration case. The two sides step out of the hearing room and let Nash create the terms. After a little more than an hour, a two-year deal for $23 million was struck.

- After lighting the Olympic cauldron, Nash rushed over to Canada Hockey Place to warm up the Canadian goalies in preparation for the tourney.

- Sensing a woman in distress, Nash visited Lindsay Vonn and performed a Mr. Miyagi-esque healing process on her shin. We know you didn't think she got healthier from just lying in bed.


- Nash landed in Dallas and started some reconnaissance work, specifically on the mysterious disappearance of Jessica Alba. With little more than his wits and a compass, he located her walking five feet from him.

- With some time to spare before the skills competition, Nash decided to make one lucky fan's day and invited her to the All-Star Game using a Pee Wee Herman soundboard. Alas, the fan didn't realize it was Steve Nash and hung up.

- Highlight of the weekend: After winning the skills competition, Nash reunited with Dirk Nowitzki and Mark Cuban for a slumber party at the owner's house. Yes, it was themed (dress as your favorite cowboy).


- Exhausted from his travels, Nash overslept and missed the All-Star practice so to tune up for the game, he played some pick-up basketball with the locals in disguise.

- During a late lunch, Nash heard about NASCAR's pothole incident and airmailed Daytona the silly putty he was using to commemorate his comics. The putty arrived in Florida 148 minutes later and the crisis was averted.

- The Western Conference lost the game, but Nash received a belated Mr. T birthday cake from the rest of the All-Stars. In many respects, this was actually a sweeter victory.

Great job this weekend Steve. Shaq and Howard can debate it all they want, but we wonder if the real Superman doesn't wear a No. 13 Suns jersey.