Hannah Storm: Stop Disrespecting The Game

Hannah Storm

Ok, enough already from college basketball fans. A raucous home crowd, ala Cameron crazies, can be a distinct advantage to be sure. One wants intrepid visitors to dread the experience, but throwing objects onto the court is the stuff of toddlers throwing temper tantrums. Whether it’s a coin hitting a visiting assistant after a win (West Virginia over Pitt) or a soda bottle sent spraying and skidding towards an official in a loss (Mississippi State to Kentucky), this misguided form of support for the home team only serves to mar the efforts of such hard-fought games. It also makes it more difficult on the hosting squad, when they have to venture out on the road against teams and fans looking for retribution. The throwing of any object is a careless, classless act, showing a disrespect for the game and those who play/coach/officiate it. So, for those who are letting it fly, time to move on from nursery school, you're a big college student now...act like it.