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Technically speaking, unranked UConn upset No. 7 West Virginia and has now strung together three straight wins for the first time this calendar year. And speaking of technicals, Jim Calhoun picked up one less than a minute into the game, and Bob Huggins picked up two with less than a minute to go. Huggy Bear couldn't bear to watch the Huskies make seven more free throws than his Mountaineers even attempted. And while the 11-point win certainly shines up Connecticut's tourney credentials, consider this - since January 9th, they're 2-1 against teams in the Top Ten, and 3-7 against everybody else.

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In order to honor Walt Frazier and the '70 World Champs last night at The Garden, the Knicks tried to score exactly 70 points. (Fail, 67. But they did manage to honor Marques Johnson and the '83 Bucks by holding Milwaukee to exactly 83 points.) And to honor Willis Reed's injured leg, Tracy McGrady banged his surgically-repaired knee at least twice and had it stiffen up at the half, making him questionable for tonight's game against the Celtics at the other Garden (7:30 pm ET).


After the Men's Giant Slalom whistles down the mountain this afternoon (4:00 pm ET), Bode Miller could become the first man to collect four Alpine medals at a single Olympics. He could also become the second-most decorated male alpine skier in Olympic history, and the second American to win four medals in a single Winter Olympics (see also: Eric Heiden, 1980).

"I want to fight Lesnar. I hate who he is as a person. I want to break his neck in the ring. I want him to be the first person that dies due to Octagon-related injuries. That's what's going through my mind."

- Frank Mir pulls back the curtain on his motivation, should he get a third chance to renew his feud with Brock Lesnar.

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