Jimmie Johnson Could Probably Play Football for the Browns, Too

Jimmie Johnson

Jimmie Johnson's streak has been so impressive that NASCAR began producing champagne in his honor. Enjoy the Chateaux du Domination, JJ. You've earned it.

Jimmie Johnson won his fourth straight championship yesterday, and we all know it’s a feat even the likes of Kobe, Tiger and Federer haven’t been able to pull off.

In fact, no one in all of sports has done anything like it since 1983, when the Islanders won their fourth straight NHL Championship. And before that, only the Yankees (twice), Boston Celtics, Montreal Canadians and UCLA Bruins won four or more consecutive championships. Basically, Jimmie's sailing in some seldomly chartered waters here.

But you know who all of this has been hardest on? Poor LeBron. And no, not because he hasn’t won any championships, though that has to sting (Or does it? Does LeBron watch NASCAR? Does Jimmie watch the NBA? This post is spiraling.). The point is, it has to sting because Johnson has had success in another arena where King James has been devoting a lot of energy lately: Number Retirement Lobbying.

Johnson’s No. 48 is retired across all sports teams at Granite Hills, his high school back in California. And that's really an impressive feat, considering the fact that the (a) high school's don't have car racing as a varsity sport and (b) the drivers don't even own the numbers they use.

And JJ didn’t have to do half the politicking that LeBron’s been doing. In fact, he didn’t even have to ask! After Jimmie’s first championship in 2006, the school principal invited him to an assembly, retired the number and inducted him into the school’s Hall of Fame. So while Jimmie may not be a Global Icon just yet, he's definitely cornered the Granite Hills Icon status. Now, hopefully for Granite Hills, he never switches racing teams.