Steve Levy - LT vs LT

I've got an issue with the whole LT thing. It’s the actual initial part, you know the L and the T. I can honestly say this is the first time, not under a time crunch, that I have referred to LaDainian Tomlinson as LT. In the past when I’ve done it, it’s only because some cranky director is counting down in my ear and I have more words than seconds to talk over video before we hit the TV no-no that is a freeze … (potential admission here, I might’ve called him LT during the SportsCenter commercial we did when the super Charger couldn’t see thru his tinted visor well enough to put my mail in my mailbox).

Don’t care that I’m letting on my semi old age … the first, last and only LT for me is Lawrence Taylor … he was dominant, he was everywhere, he had to be accounted for on every single play … a true giant of the game, I believe he changed the sport … he is the only #56 and for me, he is the only LT. That being said LaDainian Tomlinson has had an excellent run. For a few seasons, there he was the single face of the entire NFL … now he’s looking for a part-time job … because his days as a full-time starter are likely behind him … ahead of him is Canton … in-between is a question mark … the good teams are already good and don’t need him … down clubs that will give him a look-see probably won’t appeal to him. Tomlinson does have something to prove, a chip on his shoulder pad, so no one knows for sure how this will play out. We are not questioning the man’s heart, he’s done nothing wrong here, but he’s got 2 fights that he just can’t win. He’s a 30 year old running back in the NFL and his initials just so happened to be L and T…