So You Think You Can Curl? SportsCenter.com Gets A Lesson In Curling From The Ardsley Curling Club

SportsCenter Gets A Lesson In Curling (4:18)

SportsCenter Gets A Lesson In Curling (4:18)

When the 2010 Winter Olympics began, we here at SportsCenter.com were excited for events like Ice Hockey, Bobsledding, Downhill Skiing, and of course ... Ice Dancing. Little did we know, our lives would be engulfed in the glorious sights and sounds of Vancouver's most buzz-worthy Olympic event, Curling.

Fans have not only been introduced to a new vocabulary of sports terminology, like "burned stones" and "hammers for the win," but also an athletic competition that pretty much everyone feels they could dominate. After having numerous debates on how long it might take to navigate the finer points of these frozen waters, we decided to get the 4-1-1 on America's newest fascination and we definitely got some answers.

Now, we did have some prior knowledge before we headed into the curlers den. We knew "sweeping" would change the stone's trajectory and speed, but we didn't know how to perform the actual sweep. "Throwing" these 40-pound stones would be the obvious fun and easy part, but we didn't know how to make the stone actually ... well ... curl. So, we traveled from Bristol to Ardsley, New York (a TripAdvisor favorite) to have our Senior Correspondent for Sports We Never Learned In Gym Class, Steve Braband, tackle our new favorite ice sport. Please enjoy your free tutorial on the game we've all come to love and respect: